Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Do you want to update version 'NVIDIA nForce4 Driver v666' now?

While updating the motherboard drivers for my computer today, I saw the curious message below:

Although this might deter more cautious computer users, I fear neither man nor driver. I installed the drivers, they work well, and I have not noticed any dark omens since updating.

However, I’d hope that at least one person at MSI would suggest that they should just use the Neighbor of the Beast (667), instead of the Number of the Beast (666). And perhaps add a question mark to the end of the message.

Just remember, you can always roll back any drivers you install. This helps if your driver begins to act out, or just plain gives you the willies.

To do this in Windows XP, go into Start | Control Panel | System | Hardware | Device Manager. Select the driver you wish to roll back, right click it and go into Properties | Driver | Roll Back Driver.

Your previously installed driver will be reinstalled, and hopefully you'll be back in business.

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